Steve Taub has worked for and with PBS since 1995 - his documentary Laugh a Day aired on PBS from coast to coast, (WNET13 in New York) and has been sold to libraries through out the country. Laugh a Day was nominated for a New York Emmy and was awaded first place "documentary short version" at the Long Island Film Festival.


* Pre Production Planning
* How to write a treatment
* How to get non profit status - 501C3
* Fund raising
* Foundations - how they work
* Great organizations for independent Producers to join
* Budget Planning
* Releases from participants
* Production formats - Digital, video, Film
* How to get celebrities to participate in your project
* PBS - behind the scenes discussed
* Selling your show
* Creating an effective bullet sheet & cover letter
* Publicity
* Creating & Designing your video box / DVD sleeve
* Getting a distributor or self distribution

Q&A with audience about their projects and concerns